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STOP Waiting: Start Living

the life of Your Dreams

When it comes to imagining living overseas, do you ever think or feel:


Life is short; don’t wait. You can live out your dreams for less– and sooner than you think!

Easier Than Ever

So why haven’t more dreamers become more doers in their pursuit of paradise? It’s not because it’s difficult. It isn’t. It’s not because it requires lots of money; it doesn’t. And it’s certainly not because it hasn’t been done before, because it has– countless times.
It still strikes many people as a radical idea that one could live a happier, fuller, more prosperous life overseas, simply because they don’t have the complete picture.
Easier Than Ever

Surprisingly Affordable

You don’t have to be part of Hollywood’s elite or a Wall Street mogul to live in the most beautiful places in the world. In fact, with the average U.S. income and retirement savings, you would be amazed at how comfortably and EASILY you can live better for less overseas.

Facts Without the Hype

In fact, it’s possible that your dream lifestyle could be realized NOW– without waiting– and for less money than you currently live on.
Like many, these everyday dreamers rely on the mainstream media to shape their imagination as to what the world is like. Whether you thumb through the pages of The New York Times or turn on NBC and you get the daily dish… death, destruction, mayhem. After all, they say that bad news is good news for the media giants. Operating with the motto of “If it bleeds, it leads,” of course we’re made to be wary of going outdoors– even moreseo overseas!
best countries to retire


Our role as your International Lifestyle Consultant is to help you discover your personal utopia on the map and then to help you create the life you imagine— creating opportunities to improve your quality of life, lower your cost of living, and select savvy local investments — ahead of the curve.

Through our shared guidance and resources, you’ll find out about everything from adventures in Costa Rica to the best buys for real estate in the Italian countryside. Gain confidence in opening a bank account in your new home country or navigating the best deal on airfare. Get insider access to discovering how to claim the world’s best beachfront property bargains to the most reliable local attorneys to help secure your next investment. Get guidance about the new era of Remote work by connecting digital nomads living in many countries with employers and Remote Work projects in different countries, with the international HR teams they need to thrive.

moving to europe1

And thanks to the vast connectivity of the internet, we’re able to keep our finger on the pulse of the world in some of the most beautiful landscapes. Shouldn’t you be there? Your best life is waiting for you, and we can help you get there sooner than you think.

At Emily Bron International Lifestyle Consultant, we see the real world in 3D, because we have traveled and lived overseas ourselves! Through our experiences, we have found so many places around the globe that are cheaper, healthier, safer, and freer than you ever thought possible.

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Ready to stop dreaming and start living out your dreams?

Destinations to Live, Work or Retire Abroad

Having traveled to 40+ countries, with years of living and working in 4 different countries (3 continents), with several immigrations and in varied professional settings, Emily Bron knows firsthand what it takes to relocate to a foreign country. And now, her wealth of knowledge and experience is made accessible to you to help you achieve YOUR overseas dream. After all, receiving the right advice at key moments when planning your move can help you avoid costly mistakes, capture otherwise wasted opportunities, and save you precious time that you can't get back. Whether your goal in living abroad is to work remotely, or retire, Emily believes that if planned right, moving to another country can be an exciting adventure that can improve your quality of life for many years to come.

Where would you like to go?

Living where you always wanted is much easier than you think

Over the years, Emily Bron has collected an impressive wealth of information that will help to get you started on your big move. She will walk you through the:

  • Most popular destinations to live and retire
  • Best locations for your budget and lifestyle
  • Local laws and regulations
  • Relocation resources and service suppliers

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Why people choose Emily Bron International Lifestyle Consultant

Emily has spent the past 10 years researching information on how to make your dream of living overseas possible.
She has developed a reliable network of international service providers and a vast information database. Splitting her time between Canada, Mexico, South America, and Europe, Emily created the lifestyle she always wanted. She is on a mission to help others achieve the same dream. She believes that with the right planning and information, others can move or retire to their dream destination.

Personalized approach

Our conversations are always customized to your personal goals, not generic country information. Emily will provide the latest information to help you make an informed decision on the desired destination to fit your lifestyle.

Variety of destinations

Are you looking for the best places in world to retire on a budget? Would you like to live internationally while working remotely? Choose from a variety of destinations in Europe, Mexico, and South America.

Lifestyle Discovery Tours

Still deciding which is the best country for your overseas lifestyle? Explore the area with a short-term lifestyle discovery tour. Your exploratory journey can be much more productive through the guidance and planning you will receive from Emily.

Consultations with Emily Bron will help you save a lot of time on research, and give you access to information and resources that you will not find anywhere else

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