A Corporate Escape: Turning Passion for Business After 50

Working remotely has afforded me a complete life reinvention.  I escaped corporate life in exchange for a remote work lifestyle in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Passion for the business My several passports has been stamped with over 40 countries– a life journey that has perfectly equipped this Soviet-born global citizen for the new world of work as an international lifestyle consultant.  

How did I make the switch?  Thoughtfully.  Strategically.  Persistently.

Emily Bron

But, even though I currently work happily in remote locations, my commute has not always been just a click away. My passion for business career stepping stones included years of living and working in 4 different countries, several immigrations, and changes in professional directions: scientific research and engineering work in the former USSR, banking in Israel, IT Consulting in Canada– to name a few.

Naturally, after decades of hard work, one has a tendency to look up from time to time to ponder the “what if”– the daydreams of being surrounded by historical and architectural wonders– a stark contrast to the gray polyester cubicle dividers and endless meetings.  The artificial ficus trees may have been the decorator’s touch in the corporate office, but they were also a reminder that there is real life outside the office.  What if one’s purpose could be realized in another way?

I realized one day that I would like to create a new life chapter full of passion for business, health, and purpose. Also alarming me to a do-it-now attitude is the fact that my children will soon leave the nest and I reached my 50th birthday– tick-tock, I might not have a “better” time and opportunity to do something that I always wanted. I always wanted to travel and work in the travel industry, as a travel guide, later travel tour designer. Time just isn’t on my side at this stage of my life- So, if not now, when?

Emily Bron 3

And so I started by getting a travel advisor license and learning about travel from a passion for business perspective. My company’s development started from the idea of promoting Medical/Dental tourism, and the best retirement places to LATAM to retirees in the US and Canada and by organizing the Discovery Lifestyle Tour to Mexico and Europe via a boutique travel company called Travel Passion for Business. Dental tourism options were based on my extensive research, personal connections with doctors in Costa Rica, and Mexico, and my own treatment experience. Discovery Lifestyle Tour was designed to provide authentic local impressions and real-life information for those who were considering retirement abroad (full or part-time.)

Passion for business Remembering my early travel and relocation days, I can only imagine how much faster and better my transitions could have been if I had valuable resources and a reliable advisor.  I could have saved so much time and frustration. By planning my first steps in the new country better, it would have been easy to avoid some adjustments and cultural issues for my whole family.  Naturally, this feeling has become my platform for purpose: I feel compelled to share my experiences (and lessons learned) with others, so they can skip or shorten the trials of ensuring the right steps are taken for a seamless transition.  

Since I had already lived out the details of overseas relocation and in multiple scenarios, it was a natural step for me, passion for business particularly in serving other Baby Boomers like myself.  Plus, working remotely as an entrepreneur added another layer of perspective, connecting me also with other remote workers.   

One of my favorite moments in my newly self-employed adventure is seeing the awe on people’s faces when they hear how affordable it can be to live in a selected place, to retire without compromising lifestyle or good medical access. And for Millennials and Remote workers, seeing their eyes widen when they discover new places and cultures as options for professional plans. Passion for business Dreams certainly become more vivid when hope is renewed. New information can open new horizons, paving the way for informed new decisions.

Emily Bron 2

In 2019, my new decision at that time was to launch a Discovery Lifestyle Tour including real estate investments in Riviera Maya, Mexico and a Cultural Discovery Tour to the Central states of Mexico. 

The next year, 2020, Discovery Lifestyle Tour was also planned for Portugal and Spain. aiming to help people observe the real life of the local expat communities, to learn about different places. This tour also provided the experience in a variety of climate zones, cultural specifics, immigration rules, and offered a window into the lifestyle and financial options for different people. Unfortunately, however, the fear factors of the COVID breakout disrupted life and business plans for all of us, adding tremendous restrictions on travel and people movement. 

Passion For Business Provided an Opportunity

My passion for business having more free time during the lockdown provided me the opportunity to stop, follow up and observe current economical, employment and political events over the world.  The combination of honed research skills and reliable sources of information drove me to analyze current investments and people migration, global changes and remote work trends. Such a deep data dive revealed the unique pain points of the Baby Boomers and Generation X circa 2020 and beyond brought me to realization that there is a need for the specific consulting services I now provide.

I feel compelled now to share my experiences (and lessons learned) with others, so they can avoid mistakes, save time and energy of ensuring the right steps are taken for a seamless transition.  And just as I’ve discovered and learned for myself, I am now a conduit of information to help others live, retire and invest overseas. 

Do you have a dream yet to be realized?  Are you still on the hunt for a new experience and life purpose? Wanting to discover new work opportunities or something new in yourself?  Let’s map your next move together. To learn more about my consultations and destination details refer to my site www.emilybron.com. 

I help others live a life full of passion for business, health and purpose.  Whether you are curious or ready to pursue your next chapter of living overseas, let’s talk.  If not now, when?



Hi, I am Emily Bron.

After living and working in 4 countries (3 continents), experiencing several immigrations, changing several professional fields and being an avid traveler, I created International Lifestyle Consulting to help you to find the best matching place and to relocate abroad for a better quality of life, work, or retirement.

As a professional Baby Boomer and Remote worker, I am relocating again!

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