A Journey of Warmth and Hospitality in Mexico

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Located in the heart of Mexico, Queretaro is a charming and historic city known for its stunning colonial architecture, vibrant culture, and friendly locals.  In the previous article, I told you about the pros and cons of moving in Queretaro. One of the main pros of Queretaro is the genuine hospitality of its locals. This time I want to share with you a remarkable story of Mexican warmth and hospitality through the lens of Angela and Isauro, an extraordinary couple who epitomize the spirit of their homeland.

Several years ago, I stumbled upon a hidden gem in Querétaro’s Historical Centre through Airbnb. The photos of the apartment immediately caught my attention, showcasing a harmonious blend of traditional colonial architecture and modern amenities. Little did I know that this charming apartment would become my preferred choice during my subsequent visits. 

Since then, I have returned 3 times to this 18th-century home, where additional apartments has been rebuilt from the old market storages. They were beautifully transformed into three cozy downtown apartments. The warm company, tranquil internal garden with a soothing fountain, and the presence of Angela and Isauro have made each stay an unforgettable experience. They provided me with more than just a place to rest my head, they gifted me with an enriching cultural exchange and lasting friendship.

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The apartment was spacious, clean, and beautifully decorated with antique furniture, colorful textiles, and local artwork. It had all the amenities I needed for a comfortable stay, including a fully equipped kitchen/ living room, a comfortable bedroom, a huge bathroom with Mexican-style tiled bathtub, and a cupola roof skylight!  

It was a real testament to Angela’s artistic eye, care, and attention to detail which created a harmonious blend of modern comforts and traditional charm. What really stood out to me was the internal garden with a fountain, a peaceful oasis in the heart of the bustling city.

But the best part of my Airbnb experience was getting to know my hosts, Angela and Isauro, a delightful couple who have created a warm and inviting environment for their all guests. Both of them were travelers who enjoy exploring new cultures, meeting new people, and constantly learning new things.

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Isauro and Angela

A long time ago they decided to reconstruct their old house and built three cozy apartments, keeping the colonial style of the rest of the house.  The whole family including 4 small children were helping them with this project. Isauro was proudly displaying me the “construction period” pictures of this life period, explaining in details how all this happened in stages.

No surprise that older son, became architect, second – construction engineer and third – interior designer. Daughter Angela is a poet and an artist, muralist and created already several murals on the city buildings’ walls. 

Journey of Hospitality in Mexico

Angela is originally from Canada but has been living in Mexico for over 40 years with her Mexican husband Isauro. Angela’s upbringing in Toronto, influenced by her Scottish and Swiss parents, instilled in her a deep appreciation for education, cultural traditions, and the arts. Fluent in English, Spanish, French, and currently studying German, Angela’s love for language and people shines through as she welcomes visitors to their charming apartments.

Isauro, a proud native Queretanian, embarked on a journey to Toronto over 50 years ago to challenge the notion that Canadians were “cold people.” Although the winters were challenging, Isauro’s dedication to learning English paid off, and he soon found himself surrounded by new friends, both immigrants and native Canadians alike. It was at one of these social gatherings that Isauro met Angela, an intelligent and romantic blonde with a warm smile.

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Isauro and Angela at their wedding

Their journey together brought them back to Querétaro, where Angela wholeheartedly embraced Isauro’s Mexican heritage. Together, they built a beautiful family, nurturing their four children within the warm embrace of their cherished home. After returning to their hometown, Isauro pursued a career in law and later worked as a city criminal investigator for the government before retiring. Angela, on the other hand, found a position at the local branch of the University of Monterrey. Initially an English language teacher, she later flourished as a docent in the History of Art department, sharing her passion for creativity and culture.

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Angela and her daughter Angela

This time I also got to meet the couple`s daughter, also named Angela. She is an artist who recently returned home after three years of studying art in Europe. Inspired by her parents’ openness and their international guests, she embarked on her own adventures, living in various countries such as Estonia, Finland, Italy, Germany, Canada, and Portugal. 

Angela’s older brother is a well-known architect in the city and urban planner and I had the pleasure of visiting his modern family home, which also was completely rebuilt from the old home and currently, his family of 4 enjoying all modern amenities, a nice terrace, garden and outside swimming pool.

The whole family went above and beyond to ensure my stay was exceptional. Their acts of kindness left an indelible mark on my heart. Last year, when I faced a foot injury right at the beginning of my trip, I thought my adventures were over and all my plans were ruined. But Isauro personally drove me to a special shop, seeking a “bandage sock” that provided immense relief and allowed me to continue my active traveling across Mexico. 

Their thoughtfulness and care extended even further when I forgot some important documents in a rented place. Angela, without hesitation, sent the package to my address in Playa del Carmen, where I was staying at the time. Although the package didn’t reach me and was returned, Angela held onto it for a whole year until my visit this April.

Even their youngest son, Andrew, consistently went out of his way to assist me. Whether it was helping carry my luggage or coming to my aid when I found myself locked inside the 18th-century door, Andrew’s kindness was a testament to the welcoming atmosphere created by Angela and Isauro.

A Journey of Warmth and Hospitality in Mexico
Emily Bron with Isauro and Angela Fellowes

During this year’s visit, Angela and Isauro graciously invited me to their daughter Angela’s birthday party, held in the home of their architect son. It was an evening of laughter, music, and genuine joy as they treated me like a family member, inviting me to their family gathering, introducing me to their grandchildren, Angela’s boyfriend, and even their adult children’s friends. They shared their delicious traditional home-cooked meals with me and gave me invaluable advice about local Quereatro specifics and traditions in Mexico, which helped me with research during the trip. It was an honor to be included in this circle of warmth and hospitality.

Overall, this experience in Queretaro was one of the highlights of my trip to Mexico. I felt like I not only got a glimpse into the real Mexico Lifestyle and its people, thanks to the kindness and welcoming hospitality of Angela and Isauro but also gained lifelong friends.

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