Remote Workers & Digital Nomads – how to relocate

You have definitely heard the term “Digital Nomad”. Most likely you, even know a few personally or follow them on social media. What is the reality behind this fascinating term?

The evolution of the traditional workplace with the possibility of remote work, more contract-based projects, and freelance opportunities over the past years has made this a reality. Covid -19 pandemic contributed to the creation of even more remote job positions. 

The digital era gave the opportunity for the companies to save on office space rent and created a much bigger employment pool. It is not restricted anymore by the geographic limitations, and commute to the workplace. The remote workers, in their turn, save on commuting ( possibly even can ditch the car) and overall have more work-life balance options.

Since employees, contractors and freelancers can have more flexibility and are not tied to the cities where they can find more job opportunities, not only many decide to move to smaller and more comfortable neighborhoods, but get on the road, or explore life in different countries.

We have heard of people, or even, families who set out to travel in a trailer across countries while working remotely. Moving close to national parks and isolated nooks (provided that there is access to the internet) is also a popular option. Better yet settling down across the border or overseas – in a Central American, Caribbean, or European country. There is a comfortable nook for everyone.

Although perceived like it is a younger people league – the Digital Nomad category covers now a much wider audience. It is pretty much anyone who can work remotely and has the flexibility to live internationally, or, simply, work on the go.

How to become a Digital Nomad and work remotely from the place you love?

The number of countries that are great for perfect Digital Nomad life is overwhelming. There are some places that you know a little bit more about because you traveled there, or because you heard about it from your friends, or the pictures from there simply calling your name. 

It is important to keep things in perspective. It may happen that the first impression will be the right choice. But you are definitely setting yourself up for a successful move if it is a well-planned adventure. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. What is my budget? 
  2. What is the lifestyle I will enjoy?
  3. What is my ideal place to live?
  4. What is the climate I feel comfortable with?

Answering these questions will help you to narrow down the list of countries and places. Do not forget that in some countries the situation will vary from region to region. After this it is a matter of collecting more information. Some of it might be boring, but is essential to successfully settling overseas:

  • Is it easy to open a bank account?
  • What is the comfortable living budget there?
  • For how long can I stay there with a visitors visa
  • Is it easy to apply for PR there?
  • Are there benefits for temporary residents?

Although Digital Nomads tend to move around more, and you may not find the perfect spot right away and there will be different countries and locations in the years to come, it is quite a bold step that defines your plans for at least half a year.

Although by different standards and different parameters the lists of the best countries to relocate for remote work may vary we narrowed them down to our favorite list:

7 Best Countries for Digital Nomads to work remotely

  1. Mexico
  2. Panama
  3. Ecuador
  4. Portugal
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Colombia
  7. Belize

Relocation Budgets and lifestyles for remote work overseas   

The best part about relocating overseas is that you are able to save quite a bit on your living expenses. The average budget for comfortable living in these countries is 1700 a month. Along with relocation you can downsize and streamline your assets. Many people find that experience very liberating.

Whether you are just out of college and have not settled for a long time anywhere, or already have the house, paying the mortgage, and have a lot of financial responsibilities you can enjoy a fresh start in a fascinating place. 

The best part, you will always know it is temporary – so it makes the move easier. Mind you, for a lot of people this temporary move becomes a very long term – they enjoy it so much.

Retirees are welcome abroad

Things not to forget when relocating

With so many new and exciting changes it is easy to lose perspective of things. Try to keep a cool and balanced attitude:

  • Remember that career and job opportunities are very important and eventually you need to do what’s best for your career. It might require going back home at some point.
  • Owning a property in a tropical place, especially the value you get there for your budget is very tempting. But you might eventually need to move on. You have to make sure the property is easy to sell, or if you will want to keep it as an income property that will be managed remotely. 
  • Do not make major decisions plan and look around first
  • Discovery tours do help to connect better with the area that is right for you.

Do you feel like you need help in creating your relocation plan?

International Lifestyle Consultation

Emily Bron has invested years in researching the best places and countries for remote work relocation. She has personally traveled to many of these destinations and keeps her information updated through information seminars, international live conferences and professional events in the international community. Online consultation with her will help you to determine the best places to relocate with your budget and lifestyle in mind. She will also help you to avoid costly mistakes that are so easy to make when you are planning your first steps. 

Book an International Lifestyle Consultation
With Emily Bron

To learn about the steps to retire or relocate comfortably


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