What is an international lifestyle

We certainly now live through the most unusual time. COVID -19 did bring a lot of disruption in our habits, routines, and work. On the positive side, this unwelcome change helped us rethink life strategies and some values. Many people got more time off work, many switched to online work, some of us have started their own business. For many people, it is time to downsize and declutter.

The opportunity to step back from the routine and try to get control of more things in your life is what I found to be so good about it.

Although it has become more difficult to travel, as some borders are still closed, and we are all affected by travel restrictions, it is not the time to give up on rethinking your lifestyle and continue planning a relocation to your favorite parts of the world.

Planning takes time, and this is a perfect opportunity to do it!

International lifestyle Explained

Switching to remote work, or reconsidering work/investment balance gives you a great advantage of living where you always wanted. Living close to your workplace, or even in the same country where your work is is no longer a necessity for more and more people. And it is very exciting! Definitely nobody will miss the commute!

People decide to move for various reasons – some for an adventure that they can afford, some to enjoy a substantially more fulfilling way of life for a fraction of a cost of North America standard of living. The concepts and overseas living opportunities are endless – eco-villages, resort-style living, Airbnb rentals supplementing income, and property investments – are all within the reach!

A lot of countries offer a welcome environment for those who can easily split the time between 2 places: a country where you work, and a country where you enjoy spending your time when you can.

Those of us who traveled a lot can admit having one thought now and then – what if it was not my only 2 weeks vacation, what if it was longer?

With an open mind and planning, it is pretty easy to find a way of life that will be truly enjoyable!

Just look at the advantages of international living:

  • You can choose the climate, scenery, culture that you will enjoy
  • Break away from the routine
  • Find more investment opportunities or alternative streams of income
  • Improve your work-play balance
  • Spend more time doing what you are truly passionate about

Planning a brand new life is very exciting. But it may be overwhelming too as there is so much information out there and sometimes it is hard to know what to believe.

It took me many hours on the road plus even more hours of research to compile comprehensive information on the potential destinations and relocation opportunities. Traveling off the beaten path, talking to local service suppliers, getting information first hand is time-consuming – but it pays at the end!

There is a perfect destination for everyone!

International Lifestyle consultations

The repeated questions in my email show one thing – a lot of people are thinking about it. Many do not know where to start. This is where I realized that offering International Lifestyle consultations with customized research and backed with detailed materials is a great service to offer! And so I added it to my website!

Discovery Tours

The idea behind discovery tours is simple. No matter how great things look on paper you need to see the environment, you need to experience the place where you are planning to spend considerable time.

When I help out my clients organize them – I make sure they set off on their trip well prepared – will see and explore the places they need to see to make an informed decision.

Staying in touch

Learning and getting ready to change your life is a process – that is why I always keep all the information on my fingertips. There are a lot of international events, webinars, and seminars that I am always happy to share on my website and social media channels – so make sure you stop by often!

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