How Patrick Hiebert Moved from Canada to Central America and Built Eco Communities

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Today, I have a special guest for you. His name is Patrick Hiebert, and he`s a Canadian expat who moved to Central America 20+ years ago. He`s also the founder and CEO of Ecovillages Life, Marvin NFT Marketplace, a project that creates Eco Communities in different countries. In this article, you`ll learn about Patrick`s amazing story, how he became passionate about eco-living, and how he`s changing the world with his innovative ideas.

Patrick’s Story: From Software to Sustainability

Patrick used to work in software, but he always had a dream of living in a tropical paradise. He decided to take a leap of faith and move to Central America with his son. He fell in love with the culture, the nature, and the people there. He also realized that he wanted to do something meaningful with his life. He wanted to create Eco Communities that respect the environment and value freedom and sustainability. That’s how he started Ecovillages Life, a project that he co-founded with his partner.

What is Ecovillages Life?

Ecovillages Life is a project that creates Eco Communities in different countries in Central America. These Eco Communities are designed to be affordable, beautiful, and self-sufficient. They have everything you need to live a happy and healthy life, such as water, food, shelter, energy, and fun. They also use payments in Bitcoin, a digital currency that gives you more control over your money. And they have a system that lets you vote on important decisions for your community, using blockchain technology. Ecovillages Life is all about giving you freedom and sustainability.

How Patrick Learned to Live Sustainably

Patrick’s journey to sustainability started when he and his son lived on a boat near Vancouver Island, Canada. They learned how to catch fish, grow food, and make their own power. They also learned how to appreciate nature and live with less. This experience inspired Patrick to create Eco Communities that are self-sufficient and eco-friendly on land. He wanted to share his lifestyle with others who care about the planet and their future.

How Patrick Protects Your Privacy and Freedom

Patrick knows how important it is to have privacy and freedom in your life. That’s why he makes sure that Ecovillages Life communities respect your rights and choices. You own your land, and you can do whatever you want with it. You don’t have to worry about anyone telling you what to do or how to live. You also get to enjoy the Latin American culture, which is very friendly and relaxed. Ecovillages Life communities are places where you can be yourself and live your best life.

How Patrick Finds the Perfect Locations for His Eco Communities

Patrick is very careful about choosing the locations for his Eco Communities. He looks for places that are natural, remote, and comfortable. He wants you to live in harmony with nature, but also have access to the things you need, like shops, schools, and hospitals. He also wants you to have a variety of options, so you can choose the country and the community that suits you best. Ecovillages Life communities are places where you can find your home and your happiness.

What’s Next for Ecovillage’s Life?

Patrick is always looking for ways to improve his Eco Communities and his services. He plans to add more features, such as video editing and other forms of content creation. He also wants to expand his project to more countries and regions and reach more people who share his vision. He hopes to inspire and empower others to follow their dreams and create their own opportunities. Patrick is a man with a mission, and he’s not stopping anytime soon.

Growing Fast

Ecovillages Life is getting more and more popular. They have a different way of building their Eco Communities. They don’t do it in phases, they do it all at once. They have a waiting list because a lot of people want to join them. This way, the community grows together and becomes stronger.

Eco-Friendly Living Options

You can choose how you want to live in Ecovillages Life communities. You can stay for a long time or a short time. You can get a residency in Panama or another Central American country, or you can get a tourist visa and renew it every few months. It’s up to you.

Learning by Doing

Patrick thinks that modern education is not very good, especially in North America. He thinks that people need to learn practical skills, not just academic stuff. In Ecovillages Life communities, you can learn both. You can learn from books, but you can also learn from nature. You can do things like fishing, gardening, and animal care. You can get a well-rounded education.

Making Friends

Patrick knows how important it is to have friends and people who share your values. Ecovillages Life gives you that. You can meet other people who care about the environment and freedom. You can do fun things together, like sports, music, and art. You can feel like you belong to a community.

Saving Money and the Planet

Ecovillages Life is smart about sustainability. They don’t just do it for the sake of it, they do it because it makes sense. They use solar and wind power, which are good for the planet and good for your wallet. You can save money on your electricity bills and still enjoy modern comforts.

A Dream for the Future

Ecovillages Life has a big vision for the future. They want to create Eco Communities that are free, sustainable, and happy. They want to show the world a better way of living. They use new ideas, like Bitcoin and blockchain, to make their Eco Communities more efficient and fair. Patrick’s story shows that anything is possible if you have a dream and work hard for it.

Join Us

We hope you enjoyed learning about Ecovillages Life and Patrick’s journey. We invite you to join us as we discover more stories of sustainable living and freedom-oriented communities. We believe that projects like Ecovillages Life can make a positive difference in our world.

Listen to the Podcast:

Creating Freedom and Sustainability: Patrick Hiebert’s Journey from Canada to Central America

Join Emily Bron in a fascinating conversation with Patrick Hiebert, a Canadian expat who ventured from North America to Central America and founded Ecovillages Life Marvin NFT Marketplace. Discover how Patrick and his team are reshaping eco-living and sustainable communities while promoting freedom and practical education.



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