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Emily Bron is pioneering a one-of-a-kind way to seamlessly transition professional Baby Boomers and Remote Workers in the US and Canada to build a life retiring, living, and working overseas by incorporating unique C.B.V Approach Method: 

– Customized solutions
– Budget based
– Variety of Destinations to choose from


What Is Included At The First 2 Consultations:

a.  In this discovery session to get to know you – we will discuss the best location for your desired lifestyle, budget, interests, family situation and personality type through a Know Yourself/Start Your New Story Questionnaire.

b.  We’ll discuss your plans and desired destination – and I will provide you with helpful materials and additional information that can help you in making your decision.

After reviewing the Know Yourself Questionnaire, I can answer all your questions specific to your destination of choice. Each location has unique nuances, and this will aid you in making an informed choice.

We will address your more detailed relocation questions, such as part or full-time living options in selected destination, immigration, financial requirements. I will inform on what would be required to set up your Step-by-step Relocations Action Plan

Consultations are offered via Skype or Zoom, select available
calendar time:  Monday – Friday,  EST, Toronto Time.

Available also Information and resources package only
(Countries: Mexico, Panama, Belize, Portugal, Spain, Italy).
You can enquire about Information Packages & Reports on Destination locations not listed in the site, Medical Tourism location, and other special requirements.

Everyone of You is Unique

Your dream, ideal vision of your next life chapter, required steps to the lifestyle you desire is unique, and because I tailor every single consultation package to your particular conditions we need to sit down, and during the First lengthy consultation have a open conversation on how I can customize plan and package to Your customized journey. Let me take all your specific information, ask more questions, evaluate all the information based on your family situation, preferences. Let me analyse your particular situation, all provided precise criteria and information and I would create package of your dreams.
Here how you get a hold of me: Contact me, Call me, let’s start building your New Lifestyle now!

What would you achieve in the next 3-6 months?

1 on 1 consultation, access to information and resources, you will not find anywhere else,
Step-by-step Action Plan (Part or Full-time Relocation)

You will learn:

Resources for selected Destination

• Local resources & service suppliers
• Zoom in on the relocation area with required local amenities

Your personal situation

• The best destination to enjoy the lifestyle you always wanted
• How to enjoy a better lifestyle on the available budget

Advisory Services: Financial, Tax, Immigration, Travel, Moving

• Building Step-by-Step Customized Relocation Action Plan
• Simple action steps for your relocation and moving abroad
• We will help you by connecting with third parties and coordinating the plan implementation

Don't let a lack of information
stand in the way of your dream lifestyle!

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