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Mexico is very famous in between expats, as country with good health system, rich culture, kind people and affordable place of living for more than 2 million U.S. and Canadians, who live there full time or part time. There are a good reason for it, as country offers variety of the climate zones, cultural diversity and rich spectrum of lifestyle options: the beaches to colonial mountain towns, architectural treasures, museums of Mexico City and authentic Haciendas of Merida, luxury resort style condos of Cancun and Cabos San Lucas and eco-living hype of Tulum … list of highlights can continue on and on…

Portugal, as 300 + days sunny and still affordable European destination is #1 choice for many expats and proudly takes # 1 ranking in many World Best Retirement reportsIt is popular expat destinations for Brits, other Europeans and you could easily get by on English, at the same time enjoying the local wonders of nature and history. This door to the European array of cultures is also the closest to North Americans landing point.
Black sea Bulgaria Sunny beach attracted visitors for the reasons: warm climate with variety lifestyle options, low cost of living in comparison to other European resort regions, colorful culture. Lately it became one of the best places to live and retire, offering luxury apartments of high quality with outstanding interior design, with all modern wellness amenities, fresh air, beaches, forest, marina, spa, relaxation procedures.

It might be hard to believe, but you can enjoy the ‘dolce vita” in one of the best countryside pastoral regions of Italy. You can find affordable comfortable home of your dreams on the Adriatic cost, living in the couple of hours reach from the famous cultural and historical artifacts of Italy. Many North Americans selected this area to live internationally for the natural beauty, relaxed lifestyle and perfect climate.

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