Discover the World’s First Crypto Community in El Salvador

The newfound possibilities unearthed by decentralized cryptocurrencies are exciting to say the least. At the same time, finding shops, restaurants, and real estate opportunities where cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are accepted can be challenging.

Whether you’re a long-standing crypto investor or are interested in transitioning to the currency of the future, you may be interested in learning more about El Salvador.

As the first country in the world to accept cryptocurrency as a legal tender, El Salvador is trailblazing the future for crypto miners, crypto investors, and digital nomads alike.

Here’s how…


Newfound Spending Opportunities

Modern-day crypto investors share one common question: where can I spend my cryptocurrency? Unfortunately, there aren’t many sanctioned choices, even today

Despite current limitations, one industry in particular has been at the forefront of crypto spending since 2017 and even earlier. 

The tourism industry, and more specifically crypto tourism, has been a popular way for crypto investors to go on dream vacations, paying for services such as airfare, hotels, and everything in between through cryptocurrency. 

First Crypto Community in El Salvador 3

Every step of the way, El Salvador has been the go-to place for immersive crypto lifestyles, enabling spending on food, experiences, accommodations, and more. Now that cryptocurrency is accepted in El Salvador, countless new spending possibilities are open to crypto investors. Likewise, property valuations are poised to skyrocket as interested crypto investors on the international stage seek out El Salvador as their haven.


Freedom through Crypto

El Salvador not only supports cryptocurrency for real-world exchanges but also provides proprietary Chivo ATMs using a commission-free withdrawal and deposit structure to support the accessibility and expansion of cryptocurrencies nationwide. 

One of the most exciting developments is an entire crypto community on the Pacific coast of El Salvador. Built with sustainability at heart, the community offers the freedom for internationally-living expats to unite, experience paradise, and bask in a shared sense of empowerment while they make history as the world’s first crypto community. 

First Crypto Community in El Salvador 4


Stunning Property Opportunities

Whether a crypto investor is seeking a beachfront dream home, seasonal vacation property, or lucrative investment property, El Salvador’s crypto community offers expansive purchase opportunities without property taxes. 

These properties overlook pristine beaches with favorable weather year-round. In turn, interested travelers and expats can escape cold winters and harsh summers alike in exchange for a taste of tropical paradise. 

First Crypto Community in El Salvador 2


Streamlined Citizenship Opportunities

One of the biggest concerns and potential obstacles faced by remote workers, digital nomads, and international crypto investors is citizenship

Anyone with a significant stake in crypto can benefit from a country that:

  • Commits to eco-friendly living opportunities
  • Supports tax-free capital gains on cryptocurrency
  • Facilitates a seamless foreign exchange (FX) policy
  • Allows for real-world exchanges using cryptocurrency
  • Requires only a small investment to gain citizenship

As the world’s most crypto-friendly country, El Salvador meets each of the wickets above and beyond. In turn, the future is bright for expats and digital nomads hoping to make the transition.  Not to mention, El Salvador is home to beautiful weather year-round, some of the world’s most stunning beaches, world-class surfing, and a rich history centered on tradition. On top of that, crypto miners have the opportunity to harness volcanic energy to mine Bitcoin, an eco-friendly alternative to grid-based mining practices.

First Crypto Community in El Salvador 1


Join the First Crypto Community in El Salvador

You have the opportunity to join the world’s first crypto community in El Salvador, living amongst like-minded remote professionals and crypto investors alike. 

As cryptocurrencies grow in popularity, global adoption is on the near horizon. Likewise, early adopters who purchased a property have the opportunity for exceptional home valuation increases over time. Whether you’re seeking to live in paradise permanently or for part of the year, Emily Bron provides everything you need to make the transition. 

In turn, you can find your place in this historic community with ease


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