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Would you like to enjoy a better quality of life and healthier lifestyle by retiring
in your Dream destination?

Or perhaps you’re seeking to make the most out of working remotely by living in a unique and exciting country abroad?


Have you been wondering…

If so, you can take peace of mind in knowing that Emily Bron has the insight, knowledge, and experience necessary to ensure that you enjoy a smooth transition into a meaningful and cost-effective life overseas that meets and exceeds even your highest expectations.

Each day, the news reminds us of the stresses of life in both the U.S. and Canada. From political changes to an increasing cost of living and inflation the future has never been more uncertain. Additionally, high medical expenses and government instability have retirees and remote workers questioning the viability of their location. Instead, you can escape this complicated lifestyle with an international relocation that aligns with your unique goals and aspirations. In turn, you can live life at the pace that you choose.

Emily Bron

Meet Emily Bron, a relocation expert who has your best interests at heart.

Hi, I am Emily,
After living and working in 4 countries (3 continents), several immigrations, changes in professional fields (Engineering, Research, Banking, IT and Travel consulting), being avid traveller with a cultural discovery mindset I created International Lifestyle Consulting to advise how to find the best matching place for You and Relocate abroad for the better quality of Life, Work, or Retirement.
Being the professional Baby Boomer and Remote Worker myself I am currently relocating again! Note, that I am fully proficient with both English, Russian, speaking other languages and currently learning Spanish :). My guidance is based on:

Your international relocation is too important to rely on misrepresentative promotional marketing materials you would find on the internet. Get up to date realistic, down to earth and personalized advice from Emily Bron!

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New opportunities and life await! Prepare to feel revitalized by waking up in your dream destination each morning, enjoying the deserved lifestyle and work-life balance.

Save time and avoid costly mistakes when choosing your destination for Retirement or Remote Work Relocation!

With a wide array of exciting locations to choose from, you can turn your
Retirement or Remote Work into the experience of a lifetime.











Costa Rica


International lifestyle consultation will open the new opportunities and horizons for You!

Ask about additional destinations in Europe and Latin America!

International Lifestyle Consulting

Guiding Remote Workers and 50+ Professional ‘Empty Nesters’  to Find Dream Location
for Relocation Abroad to Live, Work and Retire.


Stop reading about how to live overseas, and start living it!
Book the consultation to discover the life that you deserve

Consultations are offered via  Zoom, select available time Monday-Friday. (Toronto EST time zone)

For in-depth and personalized consultation, please, download and complete the Know Yourself Form prior to your 1 scheduled meeting.

The perfect solution for moving and living abroad!

We Can Help You!

Service Package 2

Relocation Consultations Bundle

  • Two personal online consultations (1,5 hour each) – USD$ 697
      Suggested to book after Package 1
  • Advising about the best matching country for You/Your family situation, taking in account your personal plans, desired lifestyle, available budget. (the customized research report based on your specific requirements included)
  • Providing updated information and resources about the selected Destination country
  • Zoom in to the best matching region in the selected country.

Service Package 3

VIP Relocation Concierge Project

  • Creation of the Step-by-Step Customized Relocation Action Plan, personal  1:1 Consultations, e-mail communication (over the 6 months) 
  • Advisory Services and Coordination of the action steps implementation for your seamless relocation and moving abroad
  • We will help you by connecting with required professionals, providing resources, introduction to the third parties, examples: Financial, International Tax Advisors, Immigration Lawyer, Travel Advisor, Moving company, etc

Here’s what you can expect to learn from your consultations with Emily

Your future is too important to do this alone.

For custom international relocation advice, get started with Emily Bron today through a personal online 1:1 consultation.

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Start working on your personalized Relocation Action plan now with a consultation with Emily.


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