Expat Journey into the Sun: Embracing a Life of Change and Adventure after 50

Leslie Karchewski

In our latest conversation, we explore the remarkable Expat Journey of Leslie Karczewski, a captivating individual whose life story epitomizes the spirit of adventure and the continuous quest for personal growth and fulfillment. Leslie’s odyssey from the familiar confines of Calgary, Canada, to the vibrant landscapes of Mexico reflects a profound commitment to chasing dreams, embracing the unknown, and, ultimately, redefining what it means to live truly.

From Calgary to the World: The Expat Journey

Leslie’s adventure began two decades ago, sparked by a desire to transcend the limitations of her then-current life in Calgary. Alongside her husband and young children, Leslie embarked on an Expat Journey that would see her family navigating life in diverse locales such as Qatar, Oman, and the UK. Each move presented challenges and learnings, from acclimatizing to cultural differences to building a network in new surroundings.

The desire to live and work abroad stirred Leslie and her husband into action, researching, networking, and eventually seizing an opportunity that moved them across the world. This bold step was not without its trials—navigating the complexities of relocation without the vast resources of the internet we have today, finding their footing in new countries, and ensuring their children received a quality education—all set against the backdrop of entirely new cultures.

Building Communities Across Borders:

One of Leslie’s most poignant reflections on her expatriate life is the beauty of the communities she became part of. Whether through her children’s international schools or her husband’s work, Leslie was in an enriching environment that embraced diversity. Living among expatriates from various parts of the world, including more than 50 nationalities in her kids’ schools at one point, Leslie’s family was immersed in a melting pot of cultures, celebrating and learning from one another in a shared space. This experience, Leslie notes, was invaluable, a source of learning and growth that has stayed with her.

The Repatriation Challenge:

After years of globetrotting, Leslie and her family faced what many expats consider their biggest challenge: repatriation. Returning to Canada was a physical move and a profound emotional and psychological adjustment. The difficulty lay in reintegrating into a society they once knew and reconciling the people they had become with the unchanged world they left behind. It was an experience that profoundly impacted Leslie, highlighting the unseen hurdles of repatriation after years of expatriate life.

A New Chapter in Mexico:

The most recent chapter of Leslie’s Expat Journey took her to Mexico—a decision spurred by personal changes and the newfound possibility of remote work courtesy of the global shift during the COVID-19 pandemic. Settling in the vibrant community of Bucerias, near Puerto Vallarta, Leslie has embraced the warmth of the Mexican climate, the richness of the culture, and the possibilities of building a new life in a place that feels just right.

Leslie’s story in Mexico is still unfolding. She speaks of looking for property, finding a community that resonates with her spirit, and continuing her adventure into the unknown. Her Expat Journey highlights a profound truth: that age is but a number, and what truly defines us is our willingness to embrace life, pursue our passions, and remain open to the endless possibilities that await.

A Testament to Courage and the Human Spirit:

Leslie Karczewski’s story is not just about the physical journey from one country to another; it’s a testament to the courage and resilience of the human spirit. It reminds us that chasing our dreams, stepping into the unknown, and ultimately finding our place in the sun is always possible. Through uncertainties, challenges, and countless adventures, Leslie’s narrative echoes a powerful message: Life, in all its fullness, is waiting on the other side of fear.
As Leslie continues to journey through life, her story stands as an inspiring beacon to all those pondering their next chapter. It reminds us that being “old” is a matter of perspective, and as long as we’re willing to step boldly into the unknown, the adventure of life never truly ends.

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