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Most people would like to retire by age 65, but the official retirement age for Social Security keeps increasing year over year. This means that retirees can expect a lower payment when they retire early. Additionally, the amount saved for retirement and expected government support has not kept up with the increase in the cost of living.

This has led many retirees to explore relocating to more affordable locations. Not only do they find an increase in quality of life – their savings can go farther.

The technological advances of the 21st century have also created a generation of Digital Nomads, or people able to work remotely. The pandemic has shifted this demographic into overdrive. More than half of the population is working from home, and resort properties around the world experienced record-breaking sales numbers in 2020 as remote workers chose quality of life over city living.
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These challenges and changes have actually allowed people to consider moving to paradise.

About Emily Bron
Emily Bron

Emily Bron became an International Lifestyle Consultant because she experienced first-hand, how difficult it is to find reliable information about living in foreign countries. Through her own research, and travel to destinations that provide the best quality of life, she curated a database of legal, cultural, and economic information. She has become an expert on how to relocate to the best locations around the world.

Each consultation with Emily is unique to the needs of the individual, and she helps others identify the perfect lifestyle, economic, and cultural considerations in making the right decision. She helps clients organize exploratory trips to experience the lifestyle up-close and personal. Additionally, she offers a plethora of guidance in the nuances of what is required to live abroad.

Emily also provides valuable information on affordable investment opportunities. She offers guidance to help others maximize their investment strategies and to live the life of their dreams. Knowing that she is helping others to make their dreams come true is what drives Emily’s passion in her work.

Know Yourself

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Questions to be considered include how frequently you will need to access the country of your primary citizenship, and what migratory steps will be needed for your destination of choice.

Another big consideration in choosing to live in a foreign destination is access to healthcare. In some cases, access to foreign healthcare services will require a birth certificate apostille or other documents that are difficult to access from a foreign country.

Whether or not to bring your foreign plated car is another consideration. The cost of shipping and duty might not be in your best interest. For example, the procedures in Mexico give you a set period of time as a ‘temporary resident’ where the car paperwork will coincide with your immigration status. This can give you up to 5 years to decide whether to return your car or have it nationalized.

Climate choice is also important. Many people are drawn to a tropical climate, while others may have arthritic conditions that necessitate drier air. Additionally, finding affordable living in remote areas of Europe can offer a more charming cultural experience that is not as rugged as many tropical destinations.
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High-speed online access is extremely important for the Digital Nomads, while retirees may not use the internet for more than streaming movies or sending emails. These are important factors to consider, and each destination has different nuances. Emily can help you navigate the complexities of each location.

The ‘Know Yourself’ Questionnaire is the first step in making the choice about which dream destination will suit your needs. In your consultation, she will outline the necessary steps to begin making your dream a reality, and guide you every step of the way.

A Better Lifestyle

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Moving from the hustle and bustle of life in Canada and the United States might require a bit of patience as you move into areas that celebrate conversing and eating over deadlines and expectations. In fact, ‘down-shifting’ from a type ‘A’ personality into a more tranquil approach can actually improve your quality of life.

Taxes, education, schools, safety, and lifestyle factors along with economic and health concerns will be different for each individual. This is why a consultation with an expert like Emily Bron is so important in taking the stress and unknowns out of the decision-making process.

Emily’s top destinations include Mexico, which offers a diversity of choices from the charm of colonial life in San Miguel de ’Allende, to the yoga lifestyle of Tulum Beach. Belize and Cozumel are perfect destinations for diving enthusiasts.

Portugal has become a very popular destination among retirees and Digital Nomads. From North America, Portugal is the gateway to Europe and if you speak only English, you will find many English-speaking people in Algarve, Portugal and south of Spain. Portugal is popular among many European retirees.

Bulgaria offers warm and sunny access to the Black Sea, and the low cost of living will make your savings go much farther. You will find luxury apartments at affordable rates and a delightful culture of beautiful people.

If you dream of enjoying the ‘dolce vita’ of central Italy, with its charming countryside and pastoral life on the Adriatic Coast, you will find easy access to Tuscany.

These are just a few of the destinations that you will explore with Emily. Based on your lifestyle choices, she will help you find the perfect location.

Make Your Dream a Reality

Perhaps you dream of living in an exotic location, or fear the reality of retiring on a small nest egg. Regardless of your reasons, Emily has dedicated her life to helping make dreams come true. Her wealth of expertise will ensure that you find the perfect lifestyle choice.

Contact Emily Bron today for more information.


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