From Australia to Spain: How Valencia Won Over This Expat Family

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I met Shon while sitting next to him on a flight from London to Valencia. As we got to talking, he shared how his family moved to Spain from Australia for his job, and how much they’ve come to love living in the vibrant city of Valencia.

Shon is very excited about many improved aspects of life in Valencia for his family, as they love all about Spain’s lifestyle and this particular city: welcoming culture, climate, food, multiple arts, traveling and entertainment options, huge Valencia public park belt with multiple sports and strolling options.

My question: what exactly is appealing for you in Valencia?

Shon laid down for me his all considerations about life in Spain and his special love for Valencia.

With a population of around 800,000, it provided a nice balance of urban amenities and opportunities while still having a friendly, livable feel. Valencia is Spain’s third largest city but lacks the overwhelming crowdedness of Madrid or Barcelona.

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Valencia boasts a thriving cultural scene, with museums, events, restaurants, and nightlife. Historic architecture like the Valencia Cathedral and the Silk Exchange building adds old-world charm. The Turia gardens that run through the city provide green spaces and recreation. Valencia’s port, beaches, and proximity to the Mediterranean were also a draw.

Another reason they chose Valencia was the favorable climate. Located on Spain’s eastern coast, it enjoys mild winters and warm summers cooled by occasional sea breezes. The climate is ideal for spending time outdoors year-round.

Settling in Australia to Spain Valencia

Shon and his family have quickly settled into life in Valencia. Coming from Australia, they are enjoying Valencia’s mild Mediterranean climate. The cooler winters have been a refreshing change from the hot Australian summers they were accustomed to.


The family also loves Spanish culture, especially the slower pace of life, late dinners, and focus on spending time with family and friends. They’ve embraced the Spanish way of greeting friends with kisses on the cheek.
Additionally, Shon and his family have come to adore Spanish cuisine. They love indulging in paella, fresh seafood, pintxos, and other local specialties. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and access to great wine are other food perks they’ve discovered.

Valencia also provides abundant arts, entertainment, and cultural offerings for the family. They enjoy frequenting museums, historical sites, festivals, concerts, and shows. There is always a new exhibit, play, or concert to experience. Shon feels there are endless opportunities for family outings and entertainment.

The welcoming people and abundant activities make Valencia feel like home for Shon and his loved ones. The move to Spain has exceeded their expectations for lifestyle and culture. Medical system and its affordability also surprised them.

The family is adjusting well to daily life in Valencia. The cost of living is lower than in many other European cities. Public transportation like metro, tram, and bus makes getting around easy. They’ve found the locals to be very friendly and welcoming to newcomers.

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The biggest adjustment has been learning Spanish, but their language skills are steadily improving. Overall, the family feels happy with their decision to relocate to Valencia and enjoy living there.

Living in Valencia provides the family with excellent opportunities to explore Europe. The city has its own international airport with budget airlines that offer cheap flights around the continent. Patrick’s family has already taken advantage of these low-cost carriers to visit several nearby countries.

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Valencia’s central location along the Mediterranean coast makes it an ideal jumping-off point. In just a couple of hours, the family can be exploring the beautiful beaches of France, historic castles in Portugal, or lively cities in Italy. With Spain’s high-speed rail network, scenic destinations are also accessible by train.

Weekend getaways to European capitals like Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam are easy to accomplish from Valencia. The family is also considering longer vacations during school holidays to places like Greece, Croatia, or Scandinavia. Living abroad gives them the flexibility to immerse themselves in new cultures across Europe.

With so many amazing destinations a short distance away, the opportunities for travel and discovery from Valencia are limitless. Shon’s family is excited to continue exploring Europe during their years living in Spain. The central location and transportation links make Valencia an ideal home base.

The Children’s Experience

Shon’s two young children have adapted very well to life in Valencia. They attend local public schools with other expatriate children from around the world. Already they have become proficient in Spanish after just a year, and are keeping up fine academically with native speakers in their classes.

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Overall, the move to Spain has been an enriching experience for Shon’s children. They are thriving in the Spanish school system and absorbing the language and culture.

Plans to Stay Long-Term

Shon and his wife are seriously considering purchasing his own home and living in Spain, even if his company decides not to renew his work period here after the initial 3 years. Despite the uncertainty of his job situation, Shon and his family have fallen in love with Spain and the Valencian lifestyle.

Property prices in Valencia are more affordable than what they know in Australia and the welcoming culture, climate, cuisine, arts, and entertainment have made a strong impression on the family.


The children are thriving in local schools together with other expat kids, quickly becoming fluent in Spanish. With Europe so accessible from Valencia, they’ve enjoyed many affordable weekend trips around Spain and beyond.

After years of living in Australia, Shon finds even Valencia’s hot summers preferable to the extreme heat back home. Most of all, the family appreciates the convenience, history, and community of this mid-sized city.

Given how well the move has worked out so far, Shon sees purchasing property as a worthwhile investment in his family’s long-term happiness. He’s ready to put down roots in Spain, regardless of where his career takes him next.



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