Get some snapshots of Emily’s Discovery Tour in Bajío Area in México

My love to travel has taken me this time to the beautiful area of Bajío in México,
an area that most international tourists are not familiar with yet, but that has lots of surprises to offer; that is what I found in this amazing trip.

Guadalajara trip | Emily Bron - International Lifestyle Consultant

From Guadalajara to Querétaro

The road took me and my friend, partner and guide Rodolfo García, from Guadalajara to Querétaro,  discovering other really interesting places like Aguascalientes, Guanajuato and, of course, San Miguel de Allende, a small city full of art, colors, music, and magic; the perfect place to enjoy a retirees life.

Guadalajara to Querétaro | Emily Bron - International Lifestyle Consultant

Lake Chapala

Our first stop was Guadalajara, where we visited Lake Chapala to discover how and why
many expats have taken this small community to enjoy their lives.


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