How Much Money Do You Need to Live in Queretaro, Mexico?

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Queretaro, one of the fastest-growing cities in Latin America, is a destination attracting expats and locals alike. However, before making the decision to relocate, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the cost of living in this vibrant city. In this article, we will explore the most important and common areas of expenses in Queretaro, providing valuable insights and tips to help you plan your budget.


It is one of the biggest expenses in Querétaro, but it’s still much cheaper than in many other major cities around the world. The housing market in Queretaro is highly competitive, with limited properties and soaring demand. Especially for newcomers, it can be a bit challenging to find a suitable rental property.

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Expats in Mexico either prefer to live in the city center or in the suburbs. El Centro is a vast historical district with wide streets and many open spaces. It is relatively peaceful compared to other historical districts in Mexico. For those who prefer the suburbs, there are many new developments such as Zibata or Millennium III. These neighborhoods have upscale bars and restaurants, ultra-modern apartments and condos, and a Freska grocery store. Another popular expat neighborhood is Juriquilla, which is located near a golf course. Attractive, older neighborhoods include Jardines de la Hacienda, Carretas, Alamos Dos and Tres, and Campanario.

Most landlords prefer long-term commitments, often requiring a minimum 12-month lease or a “fiador” (a guarantor). To navigate this market, I recommend starting your apartment hunt by renting an Airbnb (at least for 1 month).

This allows you to experience different neighborhoods before committing to a long-term lease.

On average, a two-bedroom Airbnb apartment in Queretaro can cost around $800 USD per month. If you liked the apartment and the neighborhood don’t hesitate to reach out to hosts on Airbnb, as many are open to long-term rental arrangements.

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Facebook Marketplace is another platform worth exploring, with offers like a 2-bedroom apartment with a communal swimming pool for $600 USD per month.

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Alternatively, websites like Segundamano, Vivanuncios, Trovit, and Lamudi offer a variety of options for apartment hunting in Queretaro.

To further explore accommodation options, I recommend connecting with fellow expats through Facebook groups and seeking their recommendations, clearly stating your budget and arrival dates.

While online resources can be helpful, be mindful that the information may not always be accurate, as they often display pretty old information and/or property that is not built yet. I highly recommend visiting the lodging in person to make sure reality matches expectations.

Another option for finding a place to live in Queretaro is to buy the daily newspaper, which often has ads for apartments for rent in good areas.

If you cannot find a furnished apartment, don’t worry – Queretaro provides affordable options for furnishing your space. Local options like Walmart, Amazon, carpenters, and secondhand shops make furnishing your new home easy and budget-friendly. You can also find good furniture and appliance offers from the other expats or locals who are leaving the Queretaro area ( posted in FB expat groups).


The total cost of utility bills in Queretaro is unlikely to exceed $100 USD. Water usually costs around $10-$20 USD per month, gas ranges from $15-$25 USD per month, and electricity is relatively cheap at $5-$30 USD per month.

Internet expenses typically amount to $25-$40 USD per month, while phone bills average at around $20-30 USD per month. If a reliable internet connection is vital for you, opt for a house with fiber optic internet, as satellite and cell service might not be up to par.

Community maintenance fees vary by neighborhood

and cover landscape upkeep, street lights, and security. If you need a cleaning service, it typically costs around $22 USD for 3 hours.

Food and Groceries

The cost of food and groceries in Queretaro can vary depending on your dietary preferences and where you shop. Shopping at supermarkets such as Soriana or Walmart is generally cheaper than eating out regularly, typically ranging from $80 to $200 USD per week. Basic ingredients rarely cost more than $3 USD.

Milk$1.50 USD per liter
Bread$2.60 USD per loaf
Rice$2.00 USD per kilogram
Eggs$2.00 USD per dozen
Potatoes$2.00 USD per kilogram
Tomatoes$1.70 USD per kilogram
Apples$3.50 USD per kilogram
Bananas$1.25 USD per kilogram
Chicken Breast$8.00 USD per kilogram
Fresh Fish$7.00 USD per kilogram
Lean Beef$10.00 USD per kilogram
Shampoo$3.00 USD
Conditioner$3.00 USD
Toothpaste$2.50 USD
Toilet paper$3.00 USD

For a taste of the local culture, visit Mercado La Cruz, the most popular open market in Queretaro. Here you can find fresh produce, fruits, and vegetables for bargain prices and enjoy your meal at a fraction of the restaurant’s cost.

You can also explore food delivery services, such as FreshGoMx.

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Dining out can be quite affordable, especially at street food stalls where you can enjoy delicious meals for under a dollar. For mid-range restaurants, expect to spend around $35 USD for a dinner for two, with a customary 10-20% tip.

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Queretaro provides both public and private healthcare options.

In Mexico, there are two public healthcare options: IMSS and INSABI. IMSS is for employees, while INSABI is for those with pre-existing conditions (cancer, diabetes, heart disease, addictions, etc.) or who are unable to afford IMSS (unemployed/homeless).

Those who are employed in Mexico are automatically enrolled in the IMSS system and their contribution to the scheme is deducted from their salary. Those who are not formally employed may voluntarily enroll in the IMSS system, in which case they will have to pay an annual contribution fee. It is not expensive (~$500 USD/year), but payment should be provided.

Like in many countries, public hospitals are often crowded and the primary language spoken will be Spanish.

If a resident had some emergency situation, for example, a car crash or any other accident on the street – the first medical help would be provided without payments. However, following treatments might require “out-of-pocket” payments or insurance coverage.

Expats might consider purchasing private health insurance which is available on even the simplest tourist visa.

Prices for private health insurance vary based on factors such as age and medical history. For example, Grupo Nacional Provincial is a reputable private healthcare provider in Mexico, with yearly costs starting from $500 USD. In private hospitals and clinics, you will find doctors, and nurses, who speak English and other languages.


Queretaro offers various transportation options to suit different needs. A monthly pass for public transport usually costs around $27 USD, which is relatively higher compared to other Mexican cities. A one-way ticket costs less than a dollar.

Bicycle rental is another option, with prices ranging from $10-$20 USD per day.

If you opt for car rental, prices vary depending on the car model and may range from $25 to $60 USD per day, with gas costing around $1,30 USD per liter.

Buying a car in Queretaro involves a thorough process, including proof of residency and acquiring a tax ID number. New compact cars start at $15,000 USD, and midsize cars from $20,000 USD. Used cars can be 20-50% cheaper.

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If you choose to live in Centro, a car may not be necessary as everything is within walking distance. However, occasional Uber rides, which average $10-$20 USD one way to Centro, may be required for trips to places further away.

Childcare and Education

Childcare services aren`t very expensive, with the average monthly cost ranging from $100 to $400 USD, depending on the type of care and the location. Infant care is the most expensive type of care, at $200-$300 USD per month, followed by toddler care ($150-$250 USD per month), preschool care ($100-$200 USD per month), after-school care ($50-$100 USD per month), and nanny/babysitter care. Part-time nanny/babysitter care is $4-$7 USD per hour.


Queretaro offers a range of educational options, including public and private schools. The cost of education can vary significantly depending on the level of education and the institution chosen. Discounts for siblings or early registration may be available.

Educational Institution
Public Primary SchoolFree
Private Primary School$2,000-$5,000 USD per year
Public High SchoolFree
Private High School$3,000-$6,000 USD per year
Public University$0-$500 USD per year (varies by program)
Private University$2,000-$10,000 USD per year (varies by program)



Pet care in Querétaro is generally affordable, with veterinary services and pet supplies being reasonably priced. However, dog food can be more expensive, especially if you are buying higher-end brands.

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The average cost of a veterinary checkup in Querétaro is between $20 and $50 USD. Vaccinations typically cost between $10 and $30 USD per vaccine. Spaying or neutering your pet will cost between $40 and $100 USD. Most grooming services cost between $15 and $40 USD.

Entertainment and Leisure

Querétaro is a city with a mild climate and a variety of outdoor and indoor entertainment and leisure options to choose from.

Parks like Parque Alameda, Plaza de Armas, and Cerro de las Campanas National Park offer opportunities for sports such as basketball, football, and volleyball. There are many hiking and biking trails in and around Querétaro.

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The city also has modern recreational centers with cinemas, bowling alleys, and arcades. These facilities offer endless entertainment options for individuals and families alike. The average cost of a movie ticket in Querétaro is around $5 USD, a game of bowling is around $3 USD per person, and the entrance fee for most museums in Querétaro is around $2-$5 USD.

So, there are many free and low-cost activities to enjoy, as well as a variety of paid options to suit all budgets.

In conclusion, Queretaro, Mexico, presents an enticing opportunity for those seeking an enriching and cost-effective lifestyle. The total monthly cost of living for a single person in Querétaro, Mexico is $900-$1500 USD. The total monthly cost of living for a family of four in Querétaro, Mexico is $2000-$2900 USD. With its welcoming community, culinary delights, and breathtaking landscapes, it’s no wonder that so many are drawn to this magnificent city.

This guide has shed light on the crucial aspects of living in Queretaro, from housing to healthcare, transportation to entertainment, and more. By making informed decisions and planning your expenses wisely, you can fully relish all that this dynamic city has to offer without straining your budget.

Do you have questions about prices, neighbourhoods, and expectations about starting your new life in Mexico?

I will help you create a relocation plan that fits your needs and lifestyle and provide you with all the information and insights you need to make a smooth transition to your new home.



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