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The Freedom to Live Anywhere

The pandemic accelerated a huge migration toward remote working, something that may not have occurred so quickly without it. Gartner, a research and advisory company for businesses, released a survey that showed 82% of company leaders plan to allow employees to work remotely at least part of the time after the pandemic. Almost 50% plan to allow employees to work remotely full-time.

PWC survey of 669 CEOs showed that more than 78% believe remote work is here to stay.

Prior to 2020, we had seen how available technology gave rise to Digital Nomads, or people who chose to travel and work remotely. It was estimated that 31% were women and 69% were men. What was surprising from a survey by MBO Partners at that time, was that 64% of Digital Nomads were over 38 years old. Daily, new resources for effortless connectivity are being launched to support the remote workforce. 

Additionally, the older population is finding more and more opportunities to live abroad.

Remote Work Has Changed Our Values

Initially business owners feared a decline in company culture by allowing for remote work, but instead, they have found increased performance, creativity and satisfaction in their remote work force.

Many employees have found working remotely so valuable to quality of life that they are willing to take a cut in pay to do so. They’ve also reported that their loyalty to an employer increases with flexible work options. 95% report higher productivity and most report higher satisfaction in their jobs after working remotely.

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Remote Work Increases Productivity

It is estimated that prior to a pandemic, productivity in business lost $600 billion a year due to distractions in the workplace. Remote workers are found to be more than 40% more productive than office workers. Their time management skills, creativity, and discipline in delivering results is also higher. As this trend in remote working continues to grow, it will be interesting to see the effect it has on company profits.

Workers report fewer distractions and interruptions, which allows for more focused time spent on tasks. The quieter work environment and comfortable workspace increase worker satisfaction in their jobs. 

The ability to juggle family needs, lifestyle choices, and sports with the work schedule is also improved for those who are working remotely. And of course – who needs the office politics that comes from living day in and day out with other workers? It is easy to see why remote work leads to better mental health. 

Live With Freedom Anywhere

Live Anywhere

We’ve seen how the shift toward more remote work opportunities has increased business and employee satisfaction and productivity. We are also seeing a shift in how people are viewing what they call ‘home.’ Technology advances have enabled people to live virtually anywhere. 

When you look on the internet, you will find a lot of information about the best places to work remotely and retire. Immediately, you will notice diversity in top destinations and little or no practical information about each country.

I know first-hand what it takes to migrate from one country to another and I know that each individual’s needs and desires will be different. From migratory to cultural facts, I constantly keep abreast of the changing immigration laws, health services, and investment and accommodation opportunities.

The Freedom to Live Anywhere is one more piece of the puzzle that is coming together to define a better quality of life for all. I love helping people live the life of their dreams! Contact me today to begin your relocation discovery and planning.



Hi, I am Emily Bron.

After living and working in 4 countries (3 continents), experiencing several immigrations, changing several professional fields and being an avid traveler, I created International Lifestyle Consulting to help you to find the best matching place and to relocate abroad for a better quality of life, work, or retirement.

As a professional Baby Boomer and Remote worker, I am relocating again!

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