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Meet EMILY BRON ... She's on Bold Girl Biz talking Bold Biz about your Lifestyle after 50!!! She's got you covered... Text BOLD to 55312 ❤

The Courage to

Emily Bron – Courage to Live or Retire Internationally

Emily Bron is an avid traveler with experience of traveling into 40+ countries. After years of living and working in 4 different countries (3 continents), several immigrations, and several changes in professional directions, Emily realized that she wanted to create a new life chapter full of passion, health, and purpose. The concept of International Lifestyle Consulting came from her desire to help others to Work, Live, or Retire overseas, enjoying life in the full without compromising health and overall well-being.

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Emily was a guest on my Business Success & Coffee podcast recently at and shared some great tips and lessons for my listeners. She shared some exceptional stories and inspiring lessons. Emily explained things in an understandable way that I am sure many of the business owners listening will value and easily be able to take action upon. Thanks for being my guest and for sharing your knowledge and insights with me and my listeners. I would strongly encourage everyone to connect with Emily on LinkedIn and other platforms and check out the other items of value that she offers.
Simon Meadows, Certified Coach, Business Success & Coffee Podcast
Lincoln, England, United Kingdom
As a true entrepreneur, Emily has built International Lifestyle Consulting from inception. She is pioneering a novel, one-of-a-kind way to seamlessly transition people to live the life of their dreams overseas, improving their quality of life and well-being. Coaching Emily, I realized I was guiding one incredibly knowledgeable person with a true passion for changing people's lives. Her ability to customize programs to the needs of individual customers is unlike others in the industry. Contact EMILY BRON if you are ready to change your life and fulfill a life living abroad.
Maureen Gaige-Edwards, Startup Enthusiast, Inventor, Instructor, Keynote Speaker
Washington DC-Baltimore Area, US

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