Why Mexico is the Best Country to Live and Retire for Baby Boomers from the US and Canada?

Why Mexico Relocation Guide: Best Country to Live and Retire from the US and Canada?
Emily Bron in Polanco Mexico City, April 2023

Mexico has become a popular retirement destination for Baby Boomers looking for a warm climate, rich culture, and affordable living. Based on the stats of 2019 around 2 mln. expats with temporary and permanent residence naming the Mexico home only from the US and Canada. As you embark on this exciting journey, consider utilizing a comprehensive resource like the “Mexico Relocation Guide” to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

There are no yet exact stats known of the amount of newcomers arrived from the other countries (Europe, Latin America), as well as additional thousands from the US and Canada starting from the pandemic year 2020 till now. At that time a lot of people “stuck and stayed” in Mexico due to the less restrictive lockdown measures, fell in love with this country’s and as result became it residents…

No wonders! The country offers a unique combination of natural beauty, historic significance, and modern amenities that make it a great place to spend your golden years. In this article, we’ll explore why Mexico is the best country to retire for Baby Boomers and how to plan a smooth transition to retirement in Mexico.

Cost of Living in Mexico

Compared to the United States and Canada, the cost of living in Mexico is considerably lower. This means that retirees can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank. Housing, healthcare, and groceries are all considerably cheaper in Mexico, making it easier for retirees to make the most of their retirement savings. In addition, Mexico offers a range of retirement communities that cater specifically to Baby Boomers.

These communities provide a variety of amenities such as pools, fitness centers, and social events, which can help retirees stay active and engaged. With the cost of living being so low, retirees can afford to live in a comfortable retirement community and enjoy a range of activities and social opportunities.

Emily Bron in the Mexico City historical centre

Climate in Mexico Relocation Guide

Mexico offers a warm and sunny climate all year round, which is perfect for those who want to escape the cold winters of the northern United States and Canada. The warm weather also allows retirees to enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, and golfing, which can have a positive impact on their physical and mental well-being. The climate is also great for retirees who suffer from arthritis or other joint problems, as the warm weather can provide relief from joint pain. Lake Chapala and Ajijic area (Jalisco state) is well known destination for the international retirees, who are living and enjoying here one of the best climate conditions in the world.

Photo by Emily Bron

Rich Culture in Mexico

Mexico has a fascinating history that is reflected in its art, architecture, and cuisine. Retirees can explore ancient ruins, attend cultural festivals, and enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine, which is known for its bold flavors and fresh ingredients. The country’s rich culture makes it an ideal destination for Baby Boomers who want to immerse themselves in a new and exciting culture. Whether it’s visiting the ancient Mayan ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula or taking a cooking class to learn how to make traditional Mexican dishes, there’s always something to discover in Mexico.

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Photo by Emily Bron

Retirement and Expat Communities in Mexico Mexico offers a growing expat community, which means that retirees can easily make new friends and connect with other retirees who share their interests. The expat community in Mexico is welcoming and friendly, making it easy for newcomers to settle in and feel at home. In addition, there are a range of retirement communities in Mexico that cater specifically to Baby Boomers. These communities provide a range of amenities and social opportunities, which can help retirees stay active and engaged.

Whether it’s playing golf, swimming in the pool, or attending social events, there’s always something to do in a retirement community in Mexico.

Connecting with Family and Friends in the US and Canada

Many retirees worry about being far away from family and friends when they move to Mexico. However, Mexico is conveniently located near the United States and Canada, making it easy to stay connected with loved ones. There are a variety of transportation options available, including direct flights to major cities in the US and Canada. In addition, many retirees choose to travel back to the US or Canada for extended visits with family and friends. The proximity of Mexico to the US and Canada makes it easy to maintain close connections with loved ones, even while living abroad.

Visa Process for Retiring in Mexico

Retiring in Mexico requires obtaining a retirement visa, which is relatively easy to obtain. The most common type of retirement visa is the Temporary Resident Visa, which is valid for up to four years and can be renewed indefinitely. To obtain a Temporary Resident Visa, retirees must demonstrate that they have a certain level of income or savings, and they must also provide proof of health insurance. Retirees who meet the visa requirements can apply for a Temporary Resident Visa at a Mexican consulate or embassy in their home country. Once in Mexico, retirees can visit an immigration office to finalize the process and receive their visa. Having a retirement visa provides retirees with peace of mind and allows them to stay in Mexico for extended periods of time without worrying about visa issues.

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Photo by Emily Bron

Senior Relocation Consultant in Mexico

Hiring a senior relocation consultant can make the process of retiring in Mexico much smoother and less stressful. These consultants are experts in the legal and financial aspects of relocating to a new country, and they can provide valuable guidance and support to retirees. A senior relocation consultant can help retirees understand the visa process, choose the right retirement community, and connect with other retirees in the area. In addition, they can provide advice on healthcare, taxes, and other important aspects of living in Mexico. Retirees who work with a senior relocation consultant can be confident that they have the support they need to make a smooth transition to retirement in Mexico.

Plan Your Retirement in Mexico

If you’re a Baby Boomer considering retiring in Mexico, it’s important to plan ahead and seek expert advice. Emily Bron is a senior relocation consultant who specializes in helping retirees understand the paperwork and required process for relocation to Mexico. She also helps them connect to other people in the Mexico retirement community. What is very important – Emily knows first hand about the relocation to Mexico, as she recently herself received Mexican residency and in the process of relocation.

Emily can provide valuable guidance and support to help you make a smooth transition to your new life in Mexico.

Book a personal consultation to discuss your objectives and preferences and to learn more about how to make the most of your live and retirement in Mexico.

I would make your relocation process clear, efficient, and stress-free. 

You’re also welcome to join my upcoming Future Expat Community Club and attend online webinar series! (dates to be announced in the near future) 

With thorough planning and preparation, updated information, and destination knowledge relocating internationally can be a thrilling and gratifying experience.

So, reach out to me to begin the planning process and embark on your next adventure, discover a new destination, and embrace a more enriching lifestyle!

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