Discovering the Melodies of Queretaro: String Instruments Master Augustin From Uruguay

Moving to Mexico City Queretaro is Best for the Melodies String Instruments
Photo by Thomas B. Shea for the Chronicle

As I started my tour moving to Mexico, I couldn’t wait to explore the different cities and experience the unique culture of this country. The first stop on my itinerary was just a few hours’ drive from Mexico City. This place has been ranked as one of the top destinations to visit in Mexico in 2023. And this is – Queretaro –  a city rapidly gaining popularity as a hub for both tourists, industrial developments, and expats. The city is a real jewel in the history of Mexico, with breathtaking architecture and a vibrant energy that is contagious.

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Photo by Emily Bron

Finding a Talented Cellist in Queretaro’s Historic Centre

While walking through the streets of Queretaro Historical Centre, the vibrant colors of the shops and statues that lined the road captivated me. But amidst all the commotion, something caught my attention. The sound of classical music was echoing through the air, and I couldn’t resist following it.

On a street corner, I saw a young man playing cello with great skill and passion. I waited until the end of the music piece and paid him to show my appreciation for his performance. His welcoming smile was all the invitation I needed to start chatting with him, and within moments, I learned that his name was Augustin – a gifted master of the stringed instruments hailing from Uruguay.

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Photo of Augustin by Emily Bron

Augustin’s story is one that truly captivates the soul. He embarked on a journey of self-discovery a decade ago by traveling through Latin America, taking on different jobs, and immersing himself in the local cultures. It was during this journey that he discovered his love for crafting string instruments, and he dreamt of one day opening his own shop.  This led him to Queretaro, where he is now attending the best String Instruments Schools in Latin America. The school was opened in 1954, and since then it serves to train professional-level students on how to construct, repair and restore string instruments. webp to jpg 5
Photo of String Instruments School in Queretaro by María Cristina Maldonado Luna

Augustin said that entry exams and training at school were difficult. He had to learn to play all types of string instruments,  which not only helped him to develop an ear for music and musical perception but also honed his skills in creating instruments with different sounds and musical characters. Despite the challenges he faced, Augustin remained determined and persistent in pursuing his passion. His story is a true inspiration and a reminder that with perseverance and hard work, one can achieve their dreams. He traveled and lived in many countries and places before coming to Queretaro and was considering this city really special in many personal and lifestyle aspects 

As we talked, I discovered that he was not only a talented musician and devoted instrument master but also incredibly knowledgeable about different countries, cultures and the state of the world today. I always amazed how good and widely educated young Latin Americans I meet along my travel roads.

We exchanged opinions on world events, and Augustin spoke with great hope about the progress of technology and how it would make people’s lives easier and more meaningful. Like many artists, Augustin has a fine mind which makes him worry that people are losing the art of listening to good music and each other and are becoming more focused on consumerism. However, he firmly believes in the power of the human spirit and the potential for positive change. 

Augustin appeared to be a very versatile person with fluent English, a curious mind, and a pleasant sense of humor. I did not remember such an uplifting conversation for years and was thankful that destiny gifted me to meet such a person full of inspiration and good energy on my way home.

My visit to Queretaro was truly unforgettable, thanks to the charming city and the inspiring people I met there. Augustin’s story is just one example of the many fascinating individuals who call this place home. 

Earlier I told about the pleasure of meeting an amazing couple, Lea & Sean, who moved from California to Mexico looking for a better lifestyle, and another young couple living in Mexico, Amilia and Miguel, brought together by love. These encounters gave me a unique perspective on the diversity and richness of Queretaro’s expat community and left me with cherished memories that I will always treasure.

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