New Life, New Business: From Ukraine to Bulgaria with a Dream


Imagine starting over in a new country, facing uncertainty and upheaval. That’s what Nikita and Polina experienced when they left their home in Ukraine due to the war. But instead of letting challenges define them, they used them as springboards.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This old maxim perfectly captures the journey of Nikita Solovyov and Polina Fogel, the drives behind Vertigo Marketing Services. This pair of persistent and ambitious individuals share the tale of their professional journey amidst challenging times, detailing the ups and downs, the scoops and turns, and most importantly, the continuous strive for growth and success.

Thriving Despite Challenges

When things got tough in Ukraine, Nikita and Polina knew it was time for a change. They packed their bags and headed to Georgia, ready to adapt and rebuild. It was a big leap, but they were determined to make the most of it.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of a new life, a dream from their past resurfaced: starting their own business. That’s where Vertigo Marketing Services took flight. Initially a side hustle, it quickly grew into a full-time passion, helping businesses stand out with clever content. The ultimate goal? To create a business that allowed them to live comfortably, irrespective of the circumstances around them.

Serving Clients: The Core of Vertigo

Vertigo is aimed at helping companies leverage the power of content marketing. With a unique system called Vertigo 360, they aim to help brands succeed and establish prominence in their market. They attract the right audience to their client’s businesses through organic growth – a feat they achieve using their skills in copywriting, content strategy, and creative vision.

Bulgaria: A New Life, A New Journey

The pair’s journey did not end in Georgia. Driven by the high cost of living, they moved to Bulgaria. They recognized its geographical proximity to Ukraine, making it easier for them to transition. Alongside this, they found themselves surrounded by a community of other Ukrainian refugees – a factor that made their stay in the foreign land more comfortable and less lonely.

Navigating Business Roles: By Strengths and Skills

In Bulgaria, the pair dove deep into growing Vertigo. They divided their roles according to their strengths – Nikita took the reins in overseeing sales and administrative tasks, while Polina took the lead on the creative and technical aspects of their workflows, although both have their roles interchanging with each other.

Looking Forward: The Future of Vertigo

Vertigo’s growth journey is far from over. Nikita and Polina continuously aim to develop their skills, broaden their knowledge, and generate more clients to grow their venture. Part of their plan involves expanding their service offerings to include video editing and content production – paths that align with the ever-changing digital landscape.


In the face of challenges, Nikita and Polina showed that resilience, creativity, and proactive decision-making are key to achieving success. Their journey serves as an inspiration for entrepreneurs – proving that no matter the circumstances, through determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence, success is always within reach.

Listen to the Podcast:

New Life, New Business: From Ukraine to Bulgaria with a Dream

Nikita has an incredible story—his journey from a past in Ukraine to establishing himself as a skilled professional and digital nomad. Similarly, Polina has found her niche, excelling in business development, global sales, and product management. In our conversation, Nikita and Polina will open up about: – Starting a business and overcoming obstacles – Managing diverse projects and keeping the atmosphere positive – Embracing big changes in work and personal life Perhaps even more intriguing are their unique interests beyond work, which include tech, transhumanism, minimalism, and sports. Join us, participate in this sincere discussion and learn real-life lessons from Nikita and Polina’s experiences.



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