From Home to Portugal and the Foundation of an Expat Women's Club

Expat Women

Remember the lockdown? Stuck inside, questioning everything…well, for one woman, it became the push she needed to ditch the familiar and leap into a brand new adventure in Portugal!

Meet Korra Juliana, who used the forced downtime to rethink her life. Kids flying the nest, businesses uncertain, she realized – “There’s gotta be more!” And she was right. Taking a bold leap of faith, she rented out her home, packed her bags, and landed in sunny Portugal.

Why Portugal?

Think charming towns, friendly locals, affordable living, and weather that makes you wanna trade your parka for a sundress. Exactly! But more than the sunshine, she craved connection. Stepping into a new country solo can be daunting, so she did something amazing.

How She Started a Club for Expat Women

She realized that she was not alone in her journey. Many other women moved to Portugal for different reasons. Some were looking for love, some were looking for work, and some were looking for adventure. They all had one thing in common: they wanted to connect with other women who understood them. She decided to start a club for expat women in Lisbon, called the Happy Woman Club. She wanted to create a space where women could meet, talk, and support each other.

How the Club Grew and Changed

The club was a hit. Women from all over the world joined the club and attended the monthly events. The events were themed around different topics, such as health, beauty, travel, and business. The women shared their experiences, learned from each other, and had fun. The club became more than just a network, it became a sisterhood. The club also expanded its vision, offering mentorship and guidance for women who wanted to start their own projects or businesses. It became a source of inspiration and empowerment.

How the Club Connected with Local Women

In addition to expats, local women are also welcome to join the club. It was hoped the club could learn from the Portuguese women, who had their own stories and wisdom to share. The club invited local women to join the events and share their perspectives on the culture, values, and traditions of Portugal. It became a bridge between cultures, creating a richer and more diverse experience for everyone.

What’s Next for Her and the Club

Korra is happy with her life in Portugal. She feels like she has found her home and her happiness, and plans to stay in Portugal for as long as she can, and maybe even get a residency. Her goal is to reach more women and grow the club. She hopes to inspire and help other women who want to make a change in their lives. In her opinion, anything is possible if you work hard for it and have a dream.

Listen to the Podcast:

Exploring Expat Life in Portugal: A Journey of Transformation and Connection

Join us in this insightful interview as we chat with Korra Juliana, a visionary and entrepreneur who embarked on a transformative journey to Portugal. From reevaluating her future after lockdown to building a vibrant expat community, Korra shares her experiences, challenges, and successes. Discover the beauty of solo travel, the joys of expat connection, and the diverse lifestyle choices Portugal offers. If you’re considering a new adventure or seeking a supportive community abroad.



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