International lifestyle consultations

emily bron travel 2 | Emily Bron - International Lifestyle Consultant

International Lifestyle Consultations with Emily Bron are a great way to get all the information you need about your dream retirement destination or relocation.

From the best places to retire to the best resources and regions to live Emily Bron will offer a thorough overview of the options tailored to your lifestyle and budget.

Save time on browsing through multiple advertising and get first-hand information that you can use for real-life plans.

International Lifestyle Consultations | Emily Bron - International Lifestyle Consultant
International Lifestyle Discovery Tours | Emily Bron - International Lifestyle Consultant

Experience life in the country of your choice firsthand. Emily Bron will help you organize your trip to experience international living in the country of your choice. You will be able to get off the beaten path, see what locals see, and learn about the local real estate market. Whether it is one city or a region – it is important to experience what it feels like living there.

Even if you were sure about one particular location, it might not work out once you try it. But we believe there is the right fit for everyone. It is just a matter of research and personal experience. Once you keep your mind open you will be surprised!

International Lifestyle Discovery tours

emily bron travel 1 | Emily Bron - International Lifestyle Consultant

International Living and Investment Projects

There are a lot of great investment opportunities in the rapidly growing international emerging markets. And the best part – they are very affordable. If you are planning to retire or move overseas you might as well look at the investments in the local markets. Making them a reliable part of your diversified income strategy will bring amazing results in the nearest future.Emily has witnessed firsthand the success of exciting projects over the years. Now they are bringing great results. And there is always more. Find out how not to miss your opportunity!
International Living and Investment Projects | Emily Bron - International Lifestyle Consultant
Eco Villages Sustainable and Intentional living communities | Emily Bron - International Lifestyle Consultant
Eco Villages and Sustainable living communities are Emily’s great passions. There are a great concept and philosophy behind these projects!No wonder more and more people from different walks of life choose this lifestyle over life in cities. The ability to wind down and slow down your pace seems like a welcome opportunity.Eco Villages, Sustainable living, and Intentional communities offer peace of mind and ability to get in touch with nature with minimum footprint. At the same time, they are always a vibrant community of like-minded people with an incredible sense of purpose. We believe they are the way of a better future for modern society.

Eco Villages, Wellness, Intentional Living Communities

Eco Villages | Emily Bron - International Lifestyle Consultant

COVID- 19 and International Travel updates

Medical and dental Tourism

Accepting customised search request for resolution of personal medical issue.

emily bron | Emily Bron - International Lifestyle Consultant
Emily was engaged with research for the Medical and Dental tourism options worldwide for last 4 years due to desire to help herself, family members and friends to find best medical solutions for the medical issues, that are not properly addressed in US and Canada. Analysing official medical and government reports, filtering information about various treatments and methods, doctors’ clinical results, going through the treatment personally helped to find professionals on the dental field. Emily in constant research about best available medical options in Mexico and Costa Rica. For the Dental Tourism offered option in Riviera Maya, Mexico (General dentistry and Dental specialties) and option in Costa Rica: Oral Surgeon, Certified Specialist in Oral Implants (San Jose, Central Highlands)
Emily Bron Contact | Emily Bron - International Lifestyle Consultant

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