International lifestyle consultations

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How it works? Example on info you can expect during the Consultation

”International Lifestyle Consultations with Emily Bron are a great way to get all of the information you need about your dream retirement or relocation destination. From the best places to retire to the best resources and regions to live, Emily Bron will offer a thorough overview of options, tailored to your lifestyle and budget. Save time and get accurate information that can help you formulate a real-life plan.
Remote work

Remote Work Support for Digital Nomads

Modern-day workplaces are changing. Now, the traditional in-person 9 to 5 is transforming through remote working arrangements, video calls, and digital collaboration tools. Our goal is to inform and support the ‘new era of Remote work’ by connecting digital nomads living in many countries with companies, Remote Work projects in other countries, with the international HR teams they need to thrive. These include localized contracts, tax compliance, benefits (such as healthcare), payroll, and beyond. Regardless of location, we are here to streamline your remote working efforts on a global scale. To get involved, visit today.

Remote Work Resources
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International Lifestyle Discovery tours

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Enjoy a firsthand experience of living in the country of your choice. Emily Bron will help you organize your exploratory trip to experience international living in the country of your choice. You will be able to get off the beaten path, see what locals see, and learn about the local real estate market. Whether it is one city or a region – it is important to experience what it feels like to live there.

Even if you have chosen your location, it might not be a good fit, once you try it. We believe there is a perfect destination for everyone. It is just a matter of research and personal experience. An exploratory visit can help you make an informed choice. We can help you find the perfect fit!

There are a lot of great investment opportunities in many emerging and growing international markets. And the best part – they are very affordable. If you are planning to retire or move overseas, explore these entry level opportunities. We can help you diversify your investment strategy for greater results.

Emily has witnessed the development of many exciting projects over the years. She has watched them bring great returns on investment. Ask about these new and emerging development opportunities!


International Living and Investment Projects

Eco Villages. Wellness. Intentional Living. Explore these Communities


Eco Villages and sustainable living communities are Emily’s greatest passion. Each project has a well thought out philosophy for living.

More and more people from different walks of life are choosing a wellness lifestyle over life in cities. The ability to wind down and slow down your pace is a welcome opportunity.

Eco Villages, sustainable living, and intentional communities offer peace of mind. They provide access to nature, while minimizing impact to the local environment. Enjoy these vibrant communities of like-minded people who share an incredible sense of purpose. We believe Eco Villages offer a better future for everyone.

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