Harmonies of Life: Tales of Music, Immigration, and Finding New Meaning

Melodies of Life: Stories of Music, Immigration, and New Beginnings
Melodies of Life: Stories of Music, Immigration, and New Beginnings

In a world constantly seeking authenticity and connections, the lives of Michael “Misha” Ovsichtcher and Tanya Dreizis stand as a testament to the power of passionate pursuits across music, science, and culinary arts. Hosted by Emily Bron on the podcast “Age of Reinvention,” the couple shared their extraordinary journey, providing a fascinating look into how they’ve managed to weave together their varied interests to create a rich and fulfilling life.


From Russia to the New World – Misha’s Story:

Misha’s transition from Russia to Canada in 1998 marked a significant turn in his life. With a background in theoretical physics and applied computer science, he found himself stepping into the unknown. Despite the challenges, his move paved the way for many opportunities, allowing him to explore his multifaceted passions. Misha recounted how the initial struggle to establish roots in a new country led to a revelation: sometimes, letting go of specific dreams makes room for even more fulfilling experiences.

His various interests—from science and astronomy to music, poetry, and culinary arts—offer insight into a life led by curiosity and a refusal to be defined by a single narrative. Misha shared, “Equilibrium is not the most desirable state of mind for me…to create something really exciting, really creative, you need to have the sense of excitement, whatever it is.”


The Symphony of Passions – Tanya’s Melodic Culinary Expedition:

Tanya’s journey beautifully complements Misha’s with her rich tapestry of experiences in IT, choral singing, experimental cooking, and vintage China collecting. Her transition from Russia to Israel and, finally, Canada highlights the adaptability and resilience that define both her and Misha. Through her story, she shared how music and a community of like-minded individuals helped ease her transitions, making new environments feel like home.

Tanya’s passion for culinary arts, like an artist’s approach to creation, outlines her adventurous spirit in the kitchen. From the intricate beef bourguignon prepared for their wedding dinner to the simple joy of inventing new salad recipes, she draws parallels between the algorithmic nature of IT and cooking, emphasizing the creativity involved in both.


A Community of Song – The Toronto Amateur Singing Club:

One of the most compelling aspects of Misha and Tanya’s story is their involvement in leading the Toronto Amateur Singing Club. The club is a beacon for the Russian immigrant community, providing a space for connection, nostalgia, and the continued tradition of Russian song and poetry. Particularly significant during the pandemic, it has reached a global audience, illustrating the universal language of music and fellowship.


Looking Ahead – Life in Retirement:

Misha and Tanya’s approach to retirement is anything but traditional. With many projects and interests, from hosting online astronomy courses and guitar lessons to preparing for musical performances and managing their singing club, they embody the spirit of continuous learning and passion-driven living. Their story inspires anyone on the brink of retirement or any major life transition: dreaming big and finding new avenues for expression can make this period one of the most enriching phases of life.


The lives of Misha and Tanya Ovsichtcher offer a powerful reminder of the beauty of pursuing diverse passions. Through science, music, culinary arts, and beyond, they showcase how a life guided by curiosity and enthusiasm can weave a rich tapestry of experiences. Their journey invites us to look beyond the conventional, urging us to embrace the multifaceted nature of our interests and passions and to find joy in the harmony of life’s diverse melodies.

Listen to the Podcast:

Melodies of Life: Stories of Music, Immigration, and New Beginnings

In this episode Emily interviews Michael Ovsichtcher and Tatiana Dreizis. Discover their separate immigration journey from Russia to Canada and how they’ve transitioned into new careers while intertwining their passions for science, music, and culture in retirement. Michael shares insights into immigration, adapting to new professions, and finding solace in music through amateur singing clubs. Tatiana discusses her culinary adventures, vintage china collecting, and involvement in choral music. Both guests emphasize the importance of pursuing interests and continuous learning in retirement for fulfillment and connection. This conversation beautifully illustrates how embracing diverse interests can lead to a rewarding second act in life.



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