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I recently embarked on an adventure to the magnificent city of Mexico City, or as the locals call it, CDMX (abbreviation from Spanish “Ciudad de México”). Let me take you on a thrilling journey through the vibrant streets, captivating museums, and enchanting neighbourhoods that make this city an absolute gem.

My voyage began with a scenic bus ride from Queretaro to the Central North Bus Station in downtown Mexico City, a colossal urbanistic complex that perfectly embodies the spirit of the capital. I can outline it is pretty well organised. 

As I stood there, pondering how my Uber would navigate the chaos of other hundreds of cars around, fate smiled upon me, and my trusty ride arrived like a knight in shining armour. And after 20 min I arrived at my next accommodation – a quiet B&B apartment in one of the upscale and most expensive city neighbourhoods – Polanco, conveniently located near Lincoln Park within walking distance to central and magnificent city avenue Reforma, Masaryk Avenue, historical Chapultepec Park, Museo Nacional de Antropología, and the Museo Frida Kahlo, Museos Somaya and Jumex, multiple boutiques and plazas.

The Mexican capital is considered to have the most museums in the world and offers stunning examples of ancient and modern architecture and culture, making Mexico City a real feast for art lovers. 

I knew that Mexico City is “Mecca” for lovers of museums, historical artefacts, and urbanistic wonders of different kinds, but what I found later exceeded my expectations.

"Mexico City is a mosaic of emotions, colours, and contrasts."

With all the above it was a pleasant surprise for me that not only my street – Jules Verne – was named after the famous French writer, but most of Polanco streets around were named after world-famous writers, philosophers, scientists, or musicians. In no other city of the world, I can remember such a deep visual respect for the intellectual and spiritual stars of Western civilization. So, my morning walk usually started from Edgar Poe or Oscar Wilde Street, and evening walks lead me from Homer to Plato Street. It felt like a whimsical journey through the pages of literature and history, immersing me in an unforgettable experience.


But Mexico City’s treasures extend far beyond its charming streets. As I wandered through the parks and perused the bookstores, I stumbled upon intriguing sculptures that seemed to have sprung to life from the imagination of gifted artists. The city’s parks, adorned with these captivating artworks, became oases of inspiration and tranquillity, drawing both locals and tourists alike.


During this visit to Mexico City, I enjoyed several well-known museums and obviously could not skip Soumaya Museo with its very remarkable building and even more than expected amazing collections of world-renowned artists and Mexican masterpieces inside.


Museo Soumaya is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Mexico City. Designed by architect Fernando Romero, the museum houses a vast and diverse collection of art spanning from the 15th century to the present. It features works by renowned artists such as Salvador Dalí, Auguste Rodin, Diego Rivera, and Vincent van Gogh, among others. The unique architectural design of the museum itself is an attraction worth exploring.

I spent 8 days in a Polunco apartment during the Easter holiday week. During my stay, I had the pleasure of crossing paths with a young Mexican professional couple hailing from Guanajuato city in Mexico. The husband, an architect, and his wife, an interior designer, illuminated our conversations with their artistic perspectives. Their passion for their work was palpable, and they exuded a zest for life that was truly infectious.

Another enchanting family I had the pleasure of meeting hailed from the same beautiful city of Guanajuato. The father, also an architect, and his teenage daughter brought an air of sophistication and curiosity to our encounters. Their presence was a reminder of the enduring bonds of family and the shared joy of exploration.

But the mosaic of connections didn’t end there. I had the delightful opportunity to engage with a professional couple from Colombia, whose vibrant personalities mirrored the vibrancy of their home country. Their tales of Colombian landscapes and traditions added a burst of colour to our conversations.

And then, fate intervened, and I found myself in the company of Alejandro, a talented IT professional from Guatemala. His warm smile and contagious laughter painted a picture of resilience and unwavering spirit. Despite the challenges faced by his homeland, he radiated optimism and embraced each new adventure with open arms.

Some of the people I met, arrived in Mexico’s capital to do business, others to spend several days enjoying local landmarks. But all appeared to be pretty open, pleasant people, pretty enthusiastic about life in their home countries, regardless of the obvious challenges each country was going through.  

I also had the happiest time meeting my business partner and friend – Rodolfo Garcia, CEO of the DOMA company who brought me for breakfast to an amazing local bookstore “Cafebrería El Péndulo (Polanco)”. Rodolfo, being himself very well-read and educated, was familiar with my big love of books. The cafe and bookstore really impressed me, as well as the visit to the world-famous Biblioteca Vasconcelos building, a public library located in the Buenavista neighbourhood.

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Designed by Alberto Kalach, this library is world known for its suspended bookshelves that hold around 106,000 titles and has been pleasing visitors since it opened in 2006. Other key features include the huge whale skeleton that hangs in the central passageway and the labyrinthine garden.

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So, dear readers, if you ever find yourself drawn to the vibrant heartbeat of Mexico City, allow yourself to get lost in its streets, immerse yourself in its museums, parks, and embrace the connections that come your way. It is a city of endless wonders, ready to unfold its secrets to those willing to explore.

But the journey doesn’t have to end there. If you’re dreaming of moving to Mexico City, filled with vibrant experiences and unforgettable encounters, allow me to be your guide in relocation. As an international lifestyle consultant, I specialise in curating personalised relocation experiences that cater to your unique preferences and desires.

Book a consultation with me today, and together we’ll embark on a thrilling adventure that will create memories to last a lifetime. Don’t let the opportunity slip away — let’s bring your dreams to life.




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After living and working in 4 countries (3 continents), experiencing several immigrations, changing several professional fields and being an avid traveler, I created International Lifestyle Consulting to help you to find the best matching place and to relocate abroad for a better quality of life, work, or retirement.

As a professional Baby Boomer and Remote worker, I am relocating again!

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