What is an international lifestyle?

Technology has changed the way we work and the shelter in place order brought about by COVID -19 has shifted remote working into over-drive. Many people around the world are choosing to relocate for a better quality of life. They are leaving congested city life to work remotely from their dream destinations.

As we take stock of our lives, our values become more clear to us. We have the opportunity to live exactly as we want and where we want. For some, it can mean relocation to a warm, tropical climate or the charm of quaint European cities. Many retirees also find a more a affordable living environment in destinations they’d only experienced on vacation.

What is an international lifestyle

Although travelling has become more challenging, with the right precautions you can still attain your perfect lifestyle and relocate to your favorite international destination.

The ability to work remotely or to have your nest egg go much farther only requires a little planning. There has never been a better time to consider relocating.

International Lifestyle Explained

Switching to remote work, or reconsidering work and investment balance gives you a great advantage of living where you always wanted. It is no longer necessary to live close to your workplace, or even in the same country. This presents an exciting opportunity!

People decide to move for various reasons. Some relocate after falling in love with a place they have visited. Many find that living abroad is a way of reducing expenses. Others seek great investment opportunities or a better quality of life that incorporates hobbies they only enjoyed while on vacation. Our choice destinations offer it all at a much lower cost of living than what is found in the United States and Canada.

International lifestyle

The concepts and overseas living opportunities are endless – eco-villages, resort-style living, Air B&B rentals that supplement income, and property investments – are all within your reach!

A lot of countries offer a welcome environment for those who can easily split their time between two places: the country where you work, and the country you call home and return to when you can.

When on vacation, we’ve all wondered: what if this wasn’t just a two week vacation? What if I could live here?

I can help make this dream a reality for you. With careful planning, I will match your lifestyle choices to the perfect destination to match your needs.

Just look at the advantages of international living:

  • Choose the climate, scenery, or culture that you enjoy most.
  • Leave the congestion of city life behind and improve your quality of life.
  • Discover investment opportunities and boost your income.
  • Improve your work-play balance and reduce your expenses.
  • Spend more time doing what you are truly passionate about.

the advantages of international living

Planning a brand new life is very exciting. There is no need to feel overwhelmed by the unknowns because I have made it my business to organize the steps needed to relocate.

I’ve traveled around the world to collect information, make connections and to find the perfect opportunities that will appeal to both remote workers and retirees. And I’ve traveled off the beaten path, speaking with local service suppliers to get information first hand to make moving easy for you.

There is a perfect destination for everyone!

International Lifestyle Consultations

Many people contact me because they are unsure of how to begin the process of relocating to the destination of their choice. Others want to explore the opportunities available in countries they hadn’t considered.  Living an International Lifestyle and choosing to work with an International Lifestyle Consultant allows me to share my customized research, detailed materials and great opportunities with you. I created this website to introduce you to the possibility of making your dream come true!

International Lifestyle consultations

The idea behind my discovery tours is simple. No matter how great things look on the internet, you need to see the environment and experience the place where you are planning to spend a considerable amount of time.

I make sure your trip is organized and that you are prepared. You will see and explore the places in a way that can help you make an informed decision.

Contact me today for more information!



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