Bridging Cultures and Technology: An In-Depth Conversation with George Siosi Samuels

In a fascinating dialogue that spans continents, cultures, and centuries of human endeavor, Emily Bron's interview with George Siosi Samuels offers a glimpse into the interconnectedness of our world through the lenses of technology, ancient civilizations, and personal journeys. The conversation, rich in personal anecdotes and philosophical musings, delves into the evolution of digital communities, the resonance of ancient cultures in today's society, and the role of technology in shaping our future.



Hi, I am Emily Bron.

After living and working in 4 countries (3 continents), experiencing several immigrations, changing several professional fields and being an avid traveler, I created International Lifestyle Consulting to help you to find the best matching place and to relocate abroad for a better quality of life, work, or retirement.

As a professional Baby Boomer and Remote worker, I am relocating again!

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